People & Capability

OTML attracts, develops and retains a highly engaged and skilled national and expatriate workforce of approximately 1,700 people that operates via a mostly in a Fly In Fly Out operation.
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OTML is committed to a healthy and safe working environment, free from hostility, offensiveness, bullying, intimidation and harassment, racial vilification and any form of unlawful discrimination.

Our Golden Rules for Social Behaviour and our Golden Rules for Workplace Behaviour outline the behaviour expectations of our team.

Our one team philosophy – One Team, Wan Pasin – helps up to deliver a highly effective, inclusive and productive workplace culture.

How we work

We achieve success through open and honest communications with employees about job goals and job performance, delivery of targeted skill development programs, productive annual performance reviews and feedback, and competitive individual and team-based performance-based remuneration and benefits.

Our employees have challenging jobs with a clear understanding of their role and how that role interacts with others to deliver the desired results.

We are an essentially fully fly in fly out (FIFO) organisation with three rosters, all based on twelve-hour shifts – two continuous rosters (26 days on and 16 days off; and 14 days on and 7 days off) and residential five days per week (managers and locals only).

OTML respects the rights of workers up to but not including supervisors to be represented by a union. We have a productive working relationship with union executive members and engage in regular consultation and communication to assist in the timely resolution of grievances and ensure workforce alignment.

OTML has a proud record of nurturing and developing Papua New Guineans to progress their careers in the mining industry. This has allowed the localisation of many positions historically held by expatriates.


What Matters to Us

Safety & Environment

We care about our employees, business partners and our communities’ well-being.


We expect honesty, trust, fairness and respect.


We own our jobs, we meet our commitments.


Our goals are common, our successes shared.


We give our best every day and seek to continuously improve.


We use what we need and conserve what we can.

Employee Benefits

OTML offers highly competitive and attractive employee wages and benefits.

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Diversity & Inclusion

How we consult, engage and build stronger communities impacted by our operations.

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Learning & Development

We offer comprehensive training and development programs to build skills and capacity.

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Behavioural Expectations

We expect employees to behave in a safe, productive and socially responsible way.

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Workplace Health & Safety

Safety is a core value for our business. We believe every injury is preventable.

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