Twenty-two new apprentices officially joined Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s (OTML) Apprenticeship Training Program, after signing their Indenture Contracts with OTML and the National Apprenticeship Trade Testing Board (NATTB) on January 30th in Tabubil, Western Province.
The 22 apprentices are enrolled in various trades including auto electrical, carpentry, cabinet making and joinery, electrical, heavy equipment fitter, maintenance fitting and machining, metal fabrication & welding, plumbing and refrigeration and air-conditioning.
The 14 males and 8 females will undergo four years of apprenticeship training, which includes practical placements within the company and extension and block courses that will contribute to the final attainment of their trade certificates.
OTML General Manager Engineering, Infrastructure & Projects Franz Hemetsberger, welcomed the new apprentices and highlighted the importance of making good choices and finding purpose in one’s life even while in training. He emphasised on the OTML values of integrity, accountability and performance to be used as guiding pillars in their apprenticeship journey.
“You are starting to embark on your journey and in your age, you have the ability to search and learn everything, unlike in the past. What you do with your time, and what you do with your learning is entirely up to you. So put the time in and spend the time you have, learning. We need people who are focused and dedicated and keen and have the right values to succeed,” said Mr Hemetsberger.
NATTB Acting Director, Brian Clowes, urged the new hires to have the right attitude and to practice humility while doing their apprenticeship training.
“If you are humble, it will be easy for your trainers and trades person to teach you. Learn to be humble and learn as much practical skills as you can in the next four years. Never throw your apprenticeship away. After four years you will be receiving your papers and that will be your foundation, whatever you build up will be entirely up to you. The choice is yours,” Mr Clowes said.
“Ok Tedi has been producing quality apprentices over the past 40 years and some were the best in the country and some are working overseas and you are part of this process now. On this day of signing this Indenture Contract, OTML and NATTB are here to train you.”
Since 1989, a total of 1,153 apprentices have undergone the OTML Apprenticeship Training Program.