Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) is proud to announce the establishment of a robust and reliable JETA1 supply chain, crucial to resolving the ongoing fuel crisis in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

This decisive action comes in response to Puma Energy’s continued inability to supply the nation due to its alleged forex issues.

OTML has recently concluded agreements with the nation’s major airlines to ensure a stable and sufficient fuel supply to get the nation’s airlines meeting their flight schedules without interruptions.

The aviation sector in PNG has been severely impacted by Puma’s continuous supply disruptions, causing significant travel delays and economic setbacks. OTML’s commitment to securing this supply chain marks a pivotal moment for the industry, paving the way for renewed confidence and operational efficiency for our airlines and their passengers.

“We are thrilled to have established a reliable supply chain that will play a crucial role in resolving the fuel crisis in Papua New Guinea,” said Kedi Ilimbit, Managing Director and CEO of Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

“Our agreements with these major airlines underscore our dedication to supporting the industry and our nation with the essential resources needed to resume and maintain robust flight operations.”

The agreements between OTML and PNG’s leading airlines include long-term supply contracts that ensure an uninterrupted JETA1 fuel supply.

This development is timely as Puma continues severe rationing to airlines that have in turn been struggling to meet passenger demands and maintain their flight schedules due to fuel shortages. The reliability and consistency of this JETA1 supply will enable airlines to plan and operate with greater confidence, contributing to the broader economic recovery.