Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) recruited 40 new trainees over the past two weeks for its 2021 internship programs.
Sixteen intakes are with the Graduate Development Scheme for a duration of two years, while 24 are trade graduates who will undergo a four-year apprenticeship training.
OTML Managing Director & CEO, Musje Werror said, “Ok Tedi’s training programs are second to none and aimed at developing trainees to reach their full potential in their professional
career paths and personal development.”
He said despite the delay in the recruitment drive due to the onset of the pandemic, all trainees are onsite and excited to be part of the Ok Tedi family.
“The Training Centre is fully equipped to deliver high quality training programs for both apprentices, graduates and employees which we have been doing for the past 32 years,” Mr
Werror said.
Developing workforce capabilities is one of the three key pillars of OTML’s approach to develop a high performing integrated team.

He encouraged the new intakes to use the opportunity to start a new life professionally and personally.

Mr Werror said, “In life you will be given opportunities, but how you approach these opportunities will determine where you end up.”
Thirty years ago, Mr Werror joined Ok Tedi as a fresh graduate out of the University of Papua New Guinea and today he is welcoming the new graduate trainees into OTML in his capacity as the managing director of the company.
Referring to Mr Werror’s story with OTML, Dauba Dauba, a graduate geologist from the University of Papua New Guinea said, “This in itself is an inspirational story for us.”
Since the inception of the programs, 561 graduates and 1,194 tradesmen and women have successfully graduated from their respective programs.

Ok Tedi also provides the Preferred Area Development Training which is tailored for the locals in the Mine Preferred Areas.
Manager, OD & T, James Munro said, “We look forward to training another great batch of graduates and I encourage each and every one of you to work hard to succeed in this program.”