Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) recently concluded two programs significant to its commitment to engage with the communities in the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Regions.

These programs include the Communications & Consultation Patrol (CC Patrol) and the CMCA Census Update covering the nine (9) CMCA Regions, from the North Fly to the South Fly.

Both programs are key activities under the CMCA Agreement, which gives OTML the informed communities’ consent and social licence to operate.

The CC Patrol is conducted annually to share information on OTML’s operations, answer questions and queries from the communities and hear views, issues and complaints from the communities. This patrol helps the OTML management to address emerging community issues.

CMCA communities who are shareholders of the Ok Tedi mine since 2016 are also informed of the dividend amount paid by OTML for the previous year.

Other important stakeholders who are involved in the CC Patrol are the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) and MRDC with Mineral Resources Community Mine Continuation Agreement (MRCMCA). They also convey information on programs and projects they are delivering to the communities and respond to queries from the communities.

The biennial CMCA Census Update involves the inclusion of new births, deletion of reported deaths and confirmation of bank account details from the census book to ensure compensation payments are paid accurately. To ensure precise data collection, locals are required to present clinic books for new births or report deaths during the census. Also facilitated were separations where newly married couples get to have their own family listing and payment is made to their own bank account.

Superintendent Sustainability Planning and CMCA, Michael Miise, said “Collaborating with our stakeholders to run the programs is paramount to the success of these initiatives. By bringing all stakeholders together, we create a conducive environment for open dialogue and the opportunity to address issues directly in the villages.”

“This effort allows us to address concerns, answer questions, and strengthen our relationships with the communities that have placed their trust in us and gave us the social licence to operate through the CMCAs.”

“These programs serve as tangible evidence of our commitment to honouring our agreement with the CMCA communities and fostering positive relationships with the communities we serve. The support and cooperation we have received from the communities thus far has been positive,” said Mr. Miise.

The CC Patrol and Census Update commenced on April 28th and concluded on July 12th, covering the CMCA Regions in the following order; Kiwaba, Dudi, Manawete, Suki Fly Gogo and Middle Fly.

The Lower Ok Tedi, North Ok Tedi, Highway were done earlier while the Mine Villages (Mine Lease Area) were conducted after.

A total of 158 villages have been visited and an updated population figure of nearly 160, 000 has been recorded.

OTML remains dedicated to fulfilling its commitments, both operationally and in fostering sustainable development. The company continues to engage with stakeholders and work collaboratively to address community concerns, deliver benefits, and chart a mutually beneficial path for the future.