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Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) operates the Ok Tedi Mine, the longest running open-pit copper, gold and silver mine in Papua New Guinea.


OTML is a 100 percent Papua New Guinea (PNG) owned entity with 67 percent direct shareholding by the Independent State of PNG and the people of Western Province holding a 33 percent interest.

100% of the benefits from its operations are distributed to the people of Western Province and the State.


Independent State of Papua New Guinea


People of the Western Province

Company Overview

Ok Tedi Mining Limited was established in 1981 to mine the Mt. Fubilan copper-gold ore-body discovered in the Star Mountains in the Western Province of PNG just 16km east of the Indonesian border.

OTML is a major producer of copper concentrate for the world smelting and refinery market in Germany, India, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. The mine exports copper as a concentrate with contained gold and silver.

From the start of operations in 1984 to the end of 2022, Ok Tedi has produced 5.17 Mt of copper, 15.9 Moz of gold and 36.4 Moz of silver.

Since 1984, OTML has contributed on average 6.2% of PNG’s annual Gross Domestic.

In addition to the Special Mining Lease (SML), OTML holds a portfolio of several Exploration Leases (ELs), other Leases for Mining Purposes (LMPs) under the PNG Land Act.

A total 29,067.84 ha of leased land is held by OTML, including 27,984.24 ha under the Mining Act and 1,083.6 ha held under the Land Act.

Apart from its direct monetary contribution, OTML is also extensively involved in PNG’s Western Province development through Tax Credit Scheme and other infrastructure projects such as health centres, school classrooms, houses, roads, airstrips, jetties, water supply and communication systems.

OTML is the single largest employer in the Western Province, and one of the largest in Papua New Guinea.

Our registered office is located in Tabubil, Western Province, PNG. We also have a representative office in Port Moresby, PNG and a logistics facility in Brisbane, Australia.

Total Copper Production (Mt)

Total Gold Production (Moz)

Total Silver Production (Moz)

Our Vision

We operate with excellence, maximising the value of our mineral resource in an environmentally responsible way to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits to our communities and the people of PNG. 



What Matters to Us

Safety & Environment

We care about our employees, business partners and our communities’ well-being.


We expect honesty, trust, fairness and respect.


We own our jobs, we meet our commitments.


Our goals are common, our successes shared.


We give our best every day and seek to continuously improve.


We use what we need and conserve what we can.