Thirty-three (33) women employees from Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) graduated with a certificate of participation in the Company’s RISE Program on November 22nd and 29th respectively in Tabubil. Due to the work rosters, the program hosted two graduation ceremonies to cater for all the participants while onsite.
In April this year, OTML commenced the third cohort of the 7-month-long RISE Program that was first initiated in 2021 and aimed at empowering and developing female employees to be more effective in their current roles and to be best placed for future promotional opportunities.
To date, 90 women employees of OTML have undergone this program.
General Manager People and Culture, Mark Stone when speaking at the program’s graduation ceremony said, “Ok Tedi is an equal-opportunity employer and it is in our best interest to ensure all members of the workforce, irrespective of gender, are developed to perform to the best of their ability. Only in so doing will we have a diverse and inclusive workforce capable of world class performance.”
Mr Stone elaborated that the move to ensuring OTML has a better mix of genders in the workforce has evolved over time starting with the development of the Ok Tedi Women’s Network and complemented by the commitment and support of the Executive Leadership Team in various projects, programs and initiatives to ensure the Company build a stronger organisation with equal gender representation. The RISE Program is a prime example of such initiatives per this commitment.
“I am not a fan of off-the-shelf programs. I wanted a program that was specific for Ok Tedi, one that understood our culture, systems, processes, and challenges and is tailored specifically for our Ok Tedi women. I hope the participants feel the same about this program as the results are amazing so congratulations to all the participants, mentors and facilitators,” Mr Stone said.
RISE Program Director, Rosemary Howard said, “The program is about personal development, women supporting each other to be their best selves, and men and women working together to optimise outcomes for OTML, their communities and PNG as a whole.”
She said, “During the program the participants choose a project which can assist OTML achieve its vision. The projects were all outstanding and demonstrated the women’s capabilities and teamwork. The participants’ success this year was once again greatly assisted by support from their line managers and from prior RISE participants who acted as mentors. “
The program facilitator, Mining Leaders Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Brett Cunningham said, “There is overwhelmingly positive feedback from the cohort. Prior graduates from the RISE program now act as mentors for the subsequent participants which contributes to the success of the program. The program is focused on developing capabilities such as confidence, communication, self-leadership and having a growth mindset.”
He further added that participants’ learning and development has been strong, with feedback indicating that participants leave the program feeling confident, empowered and valued.
“We at Mining Leaders Group are very impressed with OTML’s focus on developing and retaining female talent. Participants in the first programs have also shown a very strong desire to learn and grow and support each other,” said Mr Cunningham.