Ok Tedi Mining Ltd today advised that three individuals who were tested for Covid-19 earlier this week have tested negative for the virus.
The Company also said test results have yet to be received for two subsequent cases that reported to the Tabubil Hospital with flu-like symptoms.
OTML Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Peter Graham said: “We are pleased that people have come forward for testing and we will continue to work closely with the IMR to ensure a quick turnaround of results.”
“The safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and our communities is paramount, and we are doing all we can to ensure they are all remain safe and healthy,” he said.
With the virus currently causing significant social, and economic impacts globally, OTML has beefed up its control measures. These include:
All bookings for international travellers scheduled to return to Tabubil have been cancelled. Pilots and aircrew for chartered aircraft have been exempted. While this is not a mandated requirement the Company has implemented this measure to limit further exposure given the escalating spread of the virus internationally.
 Tabubil hospital is stocked with adequate supplies of swab kits and general medications. The Kiunga hospital is also being supported;
 Quarantine arrangements (beds) are being established in Tabubil utilising all available venues including the town’s sporting halls and clubs;
 Negative pressure isolation rooms have been established at the Tabubil hospital for confirmed cases with more to be established if need be;
 Hygiene arrangements have been tightened in the mess and camping facilities
 OTML chartered aircrafts and buses are being disinfected on a daily basis
 Passengers on incoming charter flights to Tabubil including from commercial flights are now being required to complete a self-declaration form and assessed on arrival. Passengers with symptoms will be directed to quarantine, and;
 A hotline has been established by the Company to respond to any questions employees and contractors may have.