Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) advises that majority shareholder, Kumul Minerals (Ok Tedi) Limited (KMOTL), has made changes to its nominated directors of the Company.

The changes which were ratified at an OTML board meeting conducted on 22 January 2023, has seen Ms Nellie James who was the Chairlady of the Kumul Minerals Holdings Ltd (KMHL) and a director of the OTML Board, and Dr. Roger Higgins who was the Chairman of the OTML, cease in their respective roles.

“The Company is grateful to both for their positive contributions,” OTML stated.

The new directors joining the OTML Board are Dr Ila Temu, Mr Sarimu Kanu and Mr Jeffrey Innes. Mr Temu was recently appointed as the Chairman of KMHL, while Mr Kanu is the Managing Director of KMHL, and Mr Innes who previously held an executive management position with OTML several years ago, is a director of KMHL.

KMOTL in its capacity as majority shareholder has appointed Mr Innes, who is an experienced industry professional, to serve as Chairman of OTML with immediate effect.