Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) is committed to maintaining an industry-institution relationship with the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNGUoT) to ensure the institution produces quality graduates that are ‘industry ready’.
OTML Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Kedi Ilmibit, said this on 8th February at the opening week of PNGUoT’s Orientation & Registration Week, marking the start of the 2024 academic year.
Mr Ilimbit announced certain projects which are currently being progressed as a commitment to their relationship with the university.
These include:
1. A donation of five light vehicles;
2. Building of the state-of-the-art Analytical Chemistry Laboratory facility under the Infrastructure Tax Credit Scheme;
3. A funding of K100, 000 for the development of a Technology Transfer Centre;
4. Aiding final year students through Industrial Training placements;
5. Assist drive changes in the Industrial Training program within the Mining Industry; and
6. Possible collaborations on knowledge and skills sharing.
Mr Ilimbit said people are OTML’s greatest resource that make the company a successful business for PNG. And many of them began their journey at PNGUoT.
“This is the special bond that OTML has with PNGUoT as many of our professionals in the mining, processing, engineering, communication for development, accounting, computer sciences fields, and many others, have come through this great institution,” said Mr Ilimbit.
He said one of the greatest legacies that OTML intends to have is the people it has trained, and OTML has been fortunate to acquire some of the best minds from PNGUoT over the last few decades through OTML’s training programs or direct employment.
“Vice Chancellor Professor Oala Renagi, who was my Physics Lecturer some odd years back can attest to this as he visited Ok Tedi late last year and met many talented professionals who once called UNITECH their educational home and are now doing great work for Ok Tedi. I have no doubt that many of you seated here are on that same trajectory! We are ready to welcome you!”
“Many others we have trained also gained employment in other resource operations both domestically and internationally. You will find them in Lihir, Kainantu, Simberi, Morobe Mine, Porgera, as well as the oil and gas sector. They can also be found in projects in Australia, Asia, the Americas, and the African continent,” added Mr Ilimbit.
Mr Ilimbit highlighted that the OTML Board agreed in September 2023 to extend the mine’s life to 2050, and potential to extend even further. This will generate over K30 billion (US$8.0 billion) in social benefits, which includes taxes, royalties, and dividend payments, over the next 26 years.
“What does this mean for you students? This means training and employment opportunities will continue to be available. Despite the availability of opportunities, a lot is dependent on student performances (academically, socially & spiritually). We look for good GPA across the disciplines we would like to hire. Therefore, the onus is upon each one of you seated here today to do your best whilst you journey through your academic life,” said Mr Ilimibit.