Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) recently presented K100, 000 to the Ok Tedi Women’s Network (OWN) to support a fundraiser to purchase cervical cancer-screening equipment.

The funding was presented during a Gala Fundraising Dinner organized under the patronage of OTML Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kedi Ilimbit. The event drew support from business partners and the local communities, who purchased tables and donated cash. Other initiatives and in-kind contributions also bolstered the fundraising.

A total of K168, 000 was raised for the acquisition of a thermal coagulator gun, GenXpert cartridges and accessories, which are vital in aiding early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. The fundraiser was held in consultation with OTML’s Health Services and Tabubil Hospital.
OWN Chairperson, Jessica Bablis, expressed pride in working for a company that not only provides a platform to address women’s issues but also support initiatives proposed by its female workforce.

“Cervical cancer is the second most frequent cancer among PNG women and 1, 400 women in PNG die from it every year. This equipment will contribute to the reduction in cervical cancer cases in Western Province and PNG, which is an amazing breakthrough. I thank all OTML and Business Partner employees for their support of our Pinktober fundraiser and most of all OTML MD Kedi Ilimbit for his visionary leadership to fundraise for something that will positively impact and improve the lives of many people in our host communities,” said Ms Bablis.

Over the years OWN has spearheaded various initiatives during the global cancer awareness months of October and November, commonly known as “Pinktober” and “Movember.”

Since 2019, with the support of the workforce, OWN have donned pink high visibility shirts during Pinktober to spotlight cancers impacting women. This evolved to include Movember, with the incorporation of blue high visibility attire to spotlight cancers impacting men. OWN members have also fundraised to support colleagues battling cancer.

In 2023 the group also acquired and delivered an incubator to the Tabubil Hospital for premature babies encountering complications after birth.

Mr. Ilimibit commended OWN for their tireless efforts in advocating for awareness on cancers for both men and women, and engaging in fundraising drives to invest in improved health services.

“OWN has demonstrated their unwavering support for the well-being of our community. They embody the spirit of compassion and solidarity, and remind us of the impact that can be made when we come together for a common cause. Their contributions will make a lasting difference in the lives of many of our people in the community,’ said Mr Ilimbit.