Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s (OTML) Safety Manager, Anna Ila was the proud recipient of the Leader of the Year Award at the ‘Women in Safety’ Awards in Sydney, Australia on November 27th.

Women in Safety is a network of women who are safety professionals in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. This network leads discussions on health and safety issues, challenges and improvements, with the aim to make a positive impact resulting in improved outcomes for its members and workplaces.

Scooping this award is a big deal as it is the first for OTML and goes a long way to highlight the importance of the Company’s safety initiatives at the workplace while also showcasing the Company’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its operations.

“The recognition that I gained from this award shows the incredible work women are doing in their roles to create change in the safety space to ensure workplaces are safer today than they were yesterday, particularly in mining where the nature of our business is such that our workforce is exposed to risks that can impact their safety and long-term wellbeing,” Ms Ila said.

Ms Ila’s award submission showcased key aspects from the OTML 2023 safety plan including building an inclusive working relationship with OTML’s Business Partners, having a targeted risk based and “strategic” approach in managing safety risk, and a focus on major hazards and behavioural safety.

“I would like to thank the OTML management for the recognition and support that ensures I perform my role and lead my team to make OTML a safe workplace for its employees and business partners,” she said.

“Congratulations Anna and we look forward to seeing more women at OTML excel in their respective roles, and especially so in the safety and occupational health arena. Ms Ila is well placed to lead the Team in the implementation of Ok Tedi’s plans to continue to improve our safety performance,” said OTML General Manager, People and Culture, Mark Stone.

The award event was staged to recognize aspiring women in the field of Safety. Out of almost 100 outstanding nominations, 24 finalists made it through the selection process.