OTML the first in PNG to responsibly dispose reclaimed ozone harming gases

Dec 5, 2019 | Environment | 0 comments

Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) has attained a Certificate of Responsible Disposal for responsibly disposing 1,095 kilograms (1.095 tonnes) of mixed refrigerant gases to an Australian-based facility approved by the PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA).

Refrigerant gas is an ozone depleting substance (ODS) meaning it has the potential to destroy the earth’s protective ozone layer.

While PNG is yet to establish a national strategy for the proper destruction of ODS in the country, OTML is confirmed to be the first in PNG and possibly the South Pacific to responsibly destroy ODS.

OTML’s Manager Waste Management Mr Dexter Wagambie said, “OTML being a responsible miner has taken the bold step to responsibly dispose of its reclaimed refrigerant gases. It was a challenge as it was the first in PNG. Our CEPA National Ozone Unit team were extremely helpful with the permits process so they need to be equally praised for supporting us”.

In a letter from CEPA Managing Director Mr Gunther Joku to authorise the ODS shipment, commended OTML for the initiative.

OTML was among the first in the country to have trained and certified Refrigerant technicians to reclaim and store ODS from refrigerant and air conditioned gases in 1997. Since 2005 OTML has reclaimed over 1.095 tonnes of ODS which were stored in residual containers.

This year all 1.095 tonnes of stockpiled ODS were responsibility disposed of by a CEPA-approved Australian-based facility.