Tabubil Kiunga Highway to be sealed

Jul 24, 2019 | General News | 0 comments

Preparations have commenced for the sealing of the 136km Tabubil to Kiunga Highway which was constructed by Ok Tedi Mining Limited in 1981 linking the river port of Kiunga to the Mine site.

This follows the recent launching of the project in Kiunga last month. The project will commence in Kiunga with the rehabilitation of the main roads in the township before proceeding to the highway by October this year.

The highway is a vital link for the transportation of mine consumables, fuel and food from Kiunga to the mining township of Tabubil and holds the copper concentrate pipeline that transport the concentrate from the Processing plant to Kiunga.

The sealing of the highway will contribute to a significant reduction in road maintenance costs, currently over 20 million kina per annum and maintenance on road transport equipment. The sealing will also stop road dust that has been affecting villages located along the highway during dry periods.

The project which is expected to cost over 100 million Kina will be funded by Ok Tedi Mining Limited through its Road Maintenance budget and the OTML Tax Credit Scheme. The project is expected to take approximately 3 years to complete.

Kedi Ilimbit, OTML General Manager Operations Support, who is responsible for the project said that the project will commence by early August now that the design has been completed. And all the road sealing equipment, bitumen and gravel have been mobilised to Kiunga.