Board Committees

Our Board has a number of committees to help provide advice and recommendations on specific topics.
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Appointment and Remuneration Committee

The Appointment and Remuneration Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board regarding remuneration policies and practices for directors, executives and other employees, to ensure fair reward having regard to Company performance, individual performance and current industry practice.

The Committee also provides advice and recommendations to the Board on senior executive succession and processes to identify and develop key talent. In addition, the Committee oversees and monitors strategies to promote diversity.

The Appointment and Remuneration Committee members are Jeffrey Innes (chairman) and Mr Sarimu Kanu(member).

Audit and Risk Committee

The role of the Audit and Risk Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to financial reporting, accounting policies, internal control systems, internal and external audit and compliance functions.

This Committee also reviews policies, processes, practices and reporting systems relevant to the company’s exposure to business and financial risk, to ensure that all identified material risks have clearly defined ownership/oversight within the Board and Committee structure.

The Audit and Risk Committee members are Mr. Augustine Mano (chairman) and Dr Ila Temu (member).

Safety, Health, Environmental and Community Committee

The SHEC committee provides oversight of the safety, health, environment and community strategies, systems and processes adopted by Management, the operational risk register and reviews the effectiveness of SHEC systems, SHEC indicator performance and significant incidents.

The SHEC Committee comprises two Non-Executive Directors, Managing Director and an OTML management representative.

The SHEC Committee members are Mr Bonny Ninai (chairman), Mr Robert Kaiyun (member), and Mr Kedi Ilimbit (member).