Our Future

Ok Tedi Mining Limited will continue operations in the Star Mountains of the Western Province until at least 2025
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Mine closure had originally been planned for around 2010 however, after completing extensive mining studies, which resulted in the further definition of the Mt. Fubilan resource, OTML sought approval to continue operations as a producer of copper, gold and silver until 2025.

The continuation of the mine was agreed to and supported by the communities affected by the mine’s operations.

Exploration and Mineral Resource development at OTML is an integral part of our future.

Discovery and definition of additional mineral resources within the Special Mining Lease (SML) near the OTML processing plant has been the priority, with a number of exploration locations delivering extremely promising results.

OTML has the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs and is able to respond to today’s challenges and those of the future. We have a motivated and committed workforce with world-class rosters, terms and conditions and accommodation that deliver strong productivity and results for the PNG people and the economy.

We are a sustainable, efficient and well-regarded operating company that delivers value to our stakeholders and the PNG economy.