Local & Regional Suppliers

OTML is the largest business in Western Province and relies on PNG and International supply chains for goods and services.
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The OTML Supply and Logistics department engages over 200 suppliers and 150 service providers each year.

The PNG supply chain includes large multinational companies that have offices in PNG, through to medium to small enterprises. Our policy is to source locally manufactured or supplied goods and services to where they are competitively priced and meet the required quality. Many of the suppliers are headquartered in Western Province.

Specialist goods, equipment and reagents are sourced from overseas suppliers, primarily in Asia and Australia.

OTML facilitates the business interests of local landowners, promotes and encourages good corporate governance and provides assistance in investing sustainably for life after mine closure.

Our objective is to support local landowner business entities that can provide goods and services to the mining sector but also be sustainable after mine closure. This can be challenging if OTML is the sole client, as after mine closure the business may not be able to diversify or attract clients from the non-resource sector.

One strategy we adopt is for OTML to identify, develop and support investment in the non-mining sector to achieve sustainable economic development and wealth creation.

A second strategy is to encourage businesses with wider community representation so that there is the improved distribution of dividends and profits, rather than profits benefiting just one or two principals.