Behavioural Expectations

All OTML employees, contractors, consultants and visitors, have a responsibility to act at all times in a safe, productive and socially responsible way respecting the rights of the company, fellow workers and their families, local communities, and the general public.
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Our behaviour expectations are outlined in our Code of Conduct, Golden Rules of Social Behaviour and Golden Rules of Workplace Behaviour.

We expect all employees, contractors, consultants and visitors to:

  • Take responsibility for their safety and demonstrate care for others.
  • Protect the environment, limit noise disturbances, and not litter.
  • Abide by all laws and company policies and procedures.
  • Obey all lawful instructions from company officials.
  • Act honestly in all dealings – not lie, cheat or steal.
  • Perform to the best of their ability every day.
  • Not intentionally misuse or damage public, company or other person’s property.
  • Not physically or verbally assault co-workers or others.
  • Respect others’ rights regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion.
  • Not harass or make unwanted sexual advances to others.
  • Not send, receive or store offensive or sexually explicit material on company computers or cell phones.
  • Not possess or use illicit drugs.
  • Not attend work or company functions in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, including buai.