Environmental Sustainability

OTML has a comprehensive environmental management program designed to limit environmental impacts and to manage and monitor the impacts from mining operations.
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Environmental Mitigation & Remediation

Since 1998, over 3 billion kina has been invested in reducing the long-term impact on the river system including; removal of pyrite from the tailings, addition of limestone to waste rock and tailings to maintain alkalinity in the river system and the dredging of sands from the river bed approximately 100km downstream of the mine at Bige.

Amount invested in environmental remediation since 1998 (Kina)

Ok Tedi Environmental Impacts

An overview of the past and present environmental impacts.

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Sediment Mitigation

Our dredging actively mitigates the amount of sediment in the rivers around our mine.

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Acid Rock Drainage Mitigation

Our acid rock draining mitigation strategies are leading the world for large copper mines.

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Fish Stock Biodiversity

We monitor and address negative impacts on fish stock biodiversity around our mine.

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Dissolved Copper Concentrations

We monitor dissolved copper concentrations to ensure they are within safe levels.

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Compliance Monitoring

We undertake comprehensive environmental monitoring and reporting.

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