Diversity & Inclusion

OTML is an equal-opportunity employer. We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce positively impacts our organisation through increased productivity, new and creative ideas and solutions, higher employee engagement and reduced employee turnover.
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Our working conditions ensure that all employees have an equal chance to seek and obtain employment, promotion, training and all of the benefits of working with us.

All employees and contractors are treated on their merits, without regard to race, age, sex, marital status or any other factor not relevant to their position.

Our employees and contractors are valued according to how well they perform their duties and their ability and enthusiasm in maintaining the expected standards of behaviour outlined in Our Golden Rules of Social Behaviour and Golden Rules of Workplace Behaviour.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment. We believe all employees and contractors have the right to work in an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Our managers ensure that all employees, contractors and stakeholders are treated equitably and are not subject to unlawful discrimination. They also ensure that people who make complaints, or who are witnesses, are not victimised in any way.

Any reports of discrimination or harassment are treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially. Disciplinary action is taken against anyone who unlawfully discriminates against a co-worker, contractor or stakeholder.

Diversity Strategies

OTML actively supports the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in our mining operation. We believe that women are capable of being in our leadership roles and on the same level playing field as their male colleagues.

Some of our gender diversity strategies include:

  • Access to apprenticeship and graduate development training programs;
  • Scholarships throughout Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) encouraging women to pursue higher education;
  • Access to leadership development courses; and,
  • Networks for women employees, female partners of employees and women in local communities.

Ok Tedi Women’s Network (OWN)

The Ok Tedi Women’s Network (OWN) was formed to address the under-representation of females in the Ok Tedi workforce and address issues including the identification of structural barriers to career progression, professional development needs, personal safety and health matters.

OWN provides a platform for women to have a voice and a support mechanism in which they can learn from other women who may have experienced similar issues.

The key objectives of OWN are:

  • Create a forum for exchanging ideas;
  • Address safety and security matters of concern to female employees of OTML and resident spouses;
  • Identify development pathways for female employees and impediments to progression;
  • Encourage mentorship and training for female employees; and
  • Promote ways to improve the success of OTML in attracting and retaining female employees.


OWN’s activities are governed by the OWN Charter with over 400 members primarily from the OTML workforce.

Inclusion Strategies

Pasin Ok Tedi

The Pasin Ok Tedi (i.e. Ok Tedi Culture) program is an initiative from the Executive Management Team and focuses on building an inclusive “One Team, Wan Pasin” (i.e. One Team, One Culture).

The Pasin Ok Tedi Team comprises influential and well-respected representatives from across the business who work with the Executive Leadership, Business Improvement and Safety Teams to transform the workplace culture of our business enabling Ok Tedi to uphold its values and achieve its vision.

The Pasin Ok Tedi Team’s goals are:

To support Line Managers and everyone to develop a culture, where employees:

  • Feel a sense of belonging and ownership.
  • Give their best every day and continuously seek to improve
  • Are kept informed and involved
  • Enjoy the achievement of living up to their responsibilities
  • Realise their worth to the business
  • Help make Ok Tedi a leader in the industry
  • Help make Ok Tedi the employer of choice.